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The north of Thailand is an agriculture treasure for the country. It is mountainous landscape and higher latitude allow for crops unique to the region of Thailand such as strawberries, cherry flowers, and a thriving Arabica coffee production.
The cacao varietals which thrive in this cooler tropical environment offer us a subset of flavour that is unique to the North of Thailand. 


Tasting Notes: fresh banana, wild honey, flowers and a bright acidity.
Cacao Percentage: 70%
2018 BRONZE at International Chocolate Awards - Asia-Pacific.


Cacao, Organic Sugar, Organic Cocoa Butter
Weight: 55 g 

Maker Description

Kad KoKoa is a premium bean-to-bar chocolate, founded by 2 lawyers, Paniti and Nuttaya in Thailand. They source beans directly from Thai farmers around Thailand. The team is attentive in all process of selecting, fermenting and drying beans to ensure we can represent the best flavours and aroma of Thai cacao when making into chocolate or as cacao beans. Kak Kokoa signifies a commitment to the environment and to the beautiful ecosystems of Thailand. They believe in Thai bean-to-bar chocolate and hope to bring the awareness of Thai cacao and chocolate to the global arena.

Customer Reviews

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Floral and fruity

Kad Kokoa Chiang Mai 70% quick review

The packaging is beautiful, and big for a 55 gram bar, double wrapped in delicate paper and glued on the bottom of the box. Very rich with honey, tobacco, flowers. Smooth texture notes come first and then morph into sweet raisin notes. The bar has a gentle acidity and slight astringency which does not bother me at all.