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Hola from Valencia, aka “Valour of Spain”. Utopick Chocolate has perfection in its blood. They know that while it might take a little more gear and elbow grease, no mass-market chocolate can compare to a well-made single origin dark chocolate bar or dark milk chocolate with gin and tonic. Their environmentally dedicated founder Paco Llopis and his crew make a debut on Hello Chocolate this summer with the Spain-made chocolate made from Guatemalan and Colombian cocoa beans along with their innovative saffron and gin tonic chocolate bars. Utopick’s biggest ambition (besides making absolutely delicious chocolate) is fighting climate change and improving farmers’ well-being with a mission they call “Chocolate Utopia”. Simply put, they pay more for their cocoa beans than any fair trade standard that helps to preserve the cocoa-growing natural and social environment.




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Utopick - Dark Chocolate - Nugu 70%

$16.20 $18.00

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