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"We all agreed that Bonnat's Apotequil, a 75% cocoa bar, was the best chocolate we have ever eaten."
Elaine Sciolino, The New York Times.
The prevailing opinion among chocolate aficionados is that Bonnat is the most delicious chocolate they ever tried. And this is what International Chocolate Awards (aka Chocolate Oscar) fully agrees with.  Along with another French chocolate maker Pralus, Bonnat along was one of the first chocolatiers who started to produce single-origin chocolate products that were meant to express the scent of terroir through their flavours. Despite the fact that Bonnat Chocolatier was founded in 19th century (Bonnat claims to be the oldest family run chocolaterie in the world), it doesn't prevent it to share International Chocolate Awards' Gold with another young and "modernist" chocolate maker from our collection - Fruition ChocolateBonnat Chocolatier, based in the small town of Voiron, France, picked up the top prize in the dark bar category for its Selva Maya and also scooped both silver and bronze in the same section. Perhaps unsurprisingly, France was the recipient of the most awards from a jury comprising chocolate experts, food journalists, sommeliers and pastry chefs in 2016. The packaging is old-fashion-looking but chocolate is absolutely delicious. It's Apotequil Porcelana that blew minds of New York Time's food editors in 2013.  Our advice is to pay your attention specifically to long and subtle, with a caress of velvet, a 100-gram Madagascar bar and then to perfumed and light in the mouth Côte d’Ivoire.  
Bonnat is located in Voiron, a small village outside Grenoble in the foothills of the Alps. Mr. Staphane Bonnat, may just be France’s Willy Wonka. He is crazy about his antique equipment and obsessed by purity: he is one of the few chocolate makers in France who use only cocoa butter as an emulsifier. 
Tradition rules. The label on the 100-gram chocolate bars is the same as it has always been: a depiction of the 19th-century neo-Gothic St. Bruno de Voiron church across the street from the shop and factory, and the words “Chocolat Bonnat” in an upward curve.
The taste and quality of the chocolate make it not only to be a great treat but also to be a unique finding for your baking and pastry making experiments. 


Selva Maya, 75% - 2016 International Chocolate Awards Gold Medal in dark chocolate category. The bar was crafted using cocoa from a remote region Maya region in Mexica. 
Hacienda el Rosario, 75% - award-winning delicate dark chocolate made from superb Venezuelan cocoa beans.
Haiti, 75% - with notes of walnut, very smooth and without a hint of acidity. 
Real del Xoconuzco, 75% - the very special dark chocolate bar made from the original heirloom Criollo variety. 
Java Dark Milk, 65% - a luxury dark milk chocolate bar. 
Vale do Juliana, 75% -  noble dark chocolate bar made from beans from Julinan plantation, which is located in the heart of the protected Pratigi zone in Brazil.
Kaori - the Kaori chocolate is made from highly fragrant cocoa beans from Brazil.
Surabaya Dark Milk, 65% - truly dark milk chocolate bar.
Madagascar, 75% - expected fruity notes are mixed with fudge. 
Libanio, 75% -bursting with acidic noted of raspberry and black currant.
Asfarth Dark Milk, 65% -characterized by a round smoothness and a flavor rich in nuances.
Equateur, 75% - with both the earthy flavours of a good Ecuadorian bar and the buttery smoothness typical of Bonnat, this bar is an absolute classic.  
Apotequil Porcelana, 75% - tThis bar has been made exclusively with Peruvian Porcelana beans. 
Trinite, 75% - this indulgently thick bar is beyond satisfying to bite into.
Madagascar Criollo, 100% - created exclusively from 100% Criollo from the island of Madagascar, the highly coveted and extremely rare cocoa variety.
Ceylan, 75% - very dark and purple like an Ecuador Nacional, the color is nice to see, while the mold and temper look simple and not particularly impressive, suggestive perhaps of low priority.
Maragnan, 75% - this bar has the creamy, buttery texture we love from Bonnat, but with an added intensity. 
Chuao, 75% - delicious beans from Chuao - a small, inaccessible village in Venezuela, reachable only by boat.
Purto Cabello, 75% - this bar is deliciously smooth.
Cote D'Ivoire, 75% - one of our favorite bars. Cocoa base from Africa, good light fragrance in the mouth. 


This tasting kit is delivered within 7-10 day after order placement.
Features 20 chocolate samples with an approximate weight of 5 g. 
Contains products descriptions and tasting notes.
This sampling kit is a starting point of Exclusive Membership Pre-sale of regular Bonnat bars which starts 14th of August, 2017.