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Call us jealous, that's fine, but Mikkel Friis-Holm has it almost too good to be true. With his chocolate production less than an hour outside Copenhagen, Friis-Holm has earned household name recognition due to his ability to develop outstanding craft chocolate with a distinctive style. His Chuno Tripple Turned bar delivers the same high quality as the rest of his bars made with organically grown Nicaraguan cacao.
The bar is made from Criollo/Trinitario variety found on isolated farms in Northern Nicaragua at 300.800m altitude.


International Chocolate Awards, World 2019 - Silver


Good acidity, citrus peel and black olive notes. 
Smooth and mild. For more straight dark chocolate with less try Chuno Triple Turn bar.


cacao beans, sugar, cacao butter.
Weight: 25 g

Maker Description

Mikkel Friis Holm is an award-winning Danish chocolate maker who sources his beans from Honduras and Nicaragua. He is particularly known for his attention to detail and for experimenting with subtle variations in the chocolate-making process.