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Product Description

Six minibar varieties, South America & Africa
Made from the world’s rarest and finest cacao beans, our minibars are a tasteful gift for any occasion
Grand Cru Blend No. 1 80%, Amazon and Congo basin
Tastes of forest berries and coffee unite the glorious rainforests of the Amazon and Congo in our Ultra Rare signature blend. The dense flavours reflect a dedicated pursuit of the world's rarest cacao beans 
Piura Porcelana 75%, Piura River Valley, Peru
Flavours of lime, raspberry and pecan divulge the secrets of an Ultra Rare white cacao–nature’s delicious mistake–we found along Peru’s coastal desert and habitat of hundreds of captivating butterflies.
Cru Virunga 70%, Virunga National Park, Eastern Congo
Hints of morello cherries, earthy chocolate and black tea are revealed as our Rare & Original Cru Virunga melts in your mouth. The deep flavours embody the spirit of the last mountain gorillas that inhabit Virunga Park.
Beni Wild Harvest 66%, Beni Savannah, Bolivia
Hints of floral honey, apricot and jasmine tea are present in this shimmering, Rarest of Rare chocolate. The taste leads to the wild cacao trees on Amazon forest islands, home to the vivid blue-throated macaw.
Esmeraldas Milk 42%, Pacific Cloudforest, Ecuador
Notes of caramel and hazelnuts with Fleur de Sel resonate throughout this silky milk Rare & Original chocolate. The taste floats down from Ecuador’s last Pacific cloudforest, where endangered tree frogs bask in the breeze.
Edel Weiss 40%, Yuna River, Dominican Republic
Sweet impressions of banana milk and cacao butter slowly paint a golden portrait of life in the Yuna River Valley. This bare white chocolate is additive free and contains no lecithin and no vanillla.
Weight: 12 X 12 g

Maker Description

Original Beans
As fanatical about conservation as they are about chocolate, Original Beans plant a tree in the rainforest for every single bar you buy.