Dandelion - Maya Mountain Belize 70% Dark Chocolate


The beans for this bar come from Toledo District in Belize and the content a lot of flavor possibilities. Maya Mountain Cacao cooperative ferments and dries beans which they source from over 200 small farmers in Southern Belize. As a result, we have this absolutely fruity bar with notes of cherries, caramel, and honey. This is the bar that makes you find more Dandelion chocolate.


All or Dandelion’s single-origin bars are made with just cocoa beans and sugar, no added cocoa butter, lecithin or vanilla.
The bar’s distinctive texture is not quite smooth but melts nicely on the tongue.
Cacao – 70%
Maker Country – United States


Weight: 56 g

Maker Description

Dandelion’s factory is located in the Mission district of San Francisco. There they roast, crack, sort, winnow, grind, conch, and temper small batches of beans and then mold and package each bar by hand. By sourcing high-quality beans and carefully crafting tiny batches, they try to bring out the individual flavors and nuances of each bean.