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International Chocolate Awards winner by ever-reliable Omnom Chocolate.

Hello Chocolate and Omnom go back a ways, and that's putting it lightly - they've been partners to Hello Chocolate since the very beginning. And now they are back in stock, so snag one while you can. Expertly crafted for an optimal combination of chocolate and liquorice, the Lakkris bar is 38% made from premium eco-friendly cocoa butter. 


  • Milk chocolate
  • Made from Madagascan cocoa beans. 
  • Creamy caramelised chocolate spiced with raw Persian liquorice and finished with sprinkles of sea salt, harvested from the West Fjords of Iceland, by Saltverk. Lakkrís is Icelandic for Liquorice.

  • Designed and made in Iceland


Raw cane sugar, 38% cocoa butter, Icelandic milk powder, 3% raw liquorice, Icelandic sea salt from Saltverk, ammonium chloride (E510) & sunflower lecithin.

Weight: 65 g

Maker Description

Omnom is a bean-to-bar chocolate producer in Iceland. They use cocoa beans from different origins in order to discover what makes each region special and unique. They source premium organic beans with interesting flavour profiles. They roast, crack, winnow and ground down beans with care and precision to achieve an ultimate flavour and texture in their chocolate. Omnom's goal is to use the highest quality of ingredients and meticulous craftsmanship to create a treat for you to enjoy.  

Customer Reviews

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Surprisingly bold licorice taste undercuts the sweetness of the white chocolate.

We are totally agree here. The liquorice in this bar is much stronger that in Naive's Liquorice & Orange. Iceland, you know!