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Pralus Chocolate is a French bean to bar chocolate maker. Among the few who actually own a cacao plantation. Francoise Pralus, who runs this old French chocolate making company now is specifically focused on the history and nature of the cacao growing estates the works with. Francois Pralus became a master in the art of chocolate.
This grand sensational 160g chocolate bar is considered to be an ace in Pralus’ sleeve. Barre Infernale Pistache the best example of unusual and extraordinary chocolate the merged outstanding fruitiness of Madagascar cacao beans with richness and nutty taste of its praline centre. Underneath a thick layer of dark chocolate, you will find yet another devilishly indulgent treat from French maker Francoise Pralus. Sweet and incredibly rich pistachio nougat hides delicious pieces of whole crunchy pistachio.  
This incredibly rich bar is a favourite of all who favour good food and the quality of ingredients. Thinking of a perfect dessert for your steak and wine party? There will be difficult to find a better option.


Delicious praline stuffed with whole pistachios for extra crunchiness.  
Origin - Rhône-Alpes, France
Weight - 160 g


Pistachio's paste (pistachio, sugar, cocoa butter), whole pistachio, 75% chocolate (pure cocoa butter, sugar cocoa butter).
Cacao content – 75%
Contains nuts and may contain traces of milk.

Maker Description

Pralus House was founded by Auguste Pralus. He opened his first bakery in 1948 and in 1955 obtained the title of Meilleur Ouvrier de France due to his high-quality work. Auguste Pralus was a very popular pastry chef in France back in the mid-1900's. He was the inventor of the "Praluline", a brioche infused with pralines made with Valencia almonds and Piedmont hazelnut and rolled in rose petal infused sugar.  Today, it is his son, François PralusMaster Chocolatier who took over the House. Pralus workshops produce over 100 tons of chocolate per year from beans from around the world. Know-how and the tradition of Pralus go further and today the Chocolate factory has its own plantation in Madagascar to provide an increasingly delicious range.

Customer Reviews

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Barre infernale pistache

What a wonderful combination! Luxurious dark chocolate coupled with pistachio paste 😍😍


It's additive, we finished this in one sitting. Will definitely buy more

Not refrigerated

All is good but I was surprised to see that the chocolates were not put in refrigeration though it was in a ice bag.
If they are good at the room temp then no need of the ice bag too!

Pralus Chocolate - Barre Infernale Pistache

The chocolate coating over the pistachio-filled cream felt dreamy. I like the texture of the bar, not too intense but enough to fulfill your chocolate needs.


Unlike so many other chocolate products with fillings or flavours, this one isn't let down by either the chocolate or the filling. The pistachio praline is creamy and rich, and the whole nuts in it are fresh and tasty, while the dark chocolate covering is just the right thickness, perfectly smooth, and neither too bitter nor too sweet. As we live in Singapore, where most of us have to store our chocolate in the refrigerator at home, I must add that this tastes best when it's been out of the fridge for several minutes, long enough that the praline centre is soft and buttery. Straight out of the refrigerator, it's too hard and cold for it to release the full flavours of the pistachio. I'm definitely buying more of this in the near future (I just topped up my supply a few days ago from your booth at Boutiques, so I'm good for a while!). The only (slightly) negative bit of feedback I have isn't about the product itself, but its packaging – it looks fantastic, but the wrapper is quite tricky to remove without ripping it apart entirely, and I've needed scissors along the way to get each wrapper open as neatly as possible. The tears can make it hard to rewrap the packaging around the remainder of the bar. (Solution: Eat the whole bar in one sitting?)